How to clean your motorcycle?

Published on 21 April 2021 at 17:44

This review is written in the English language.

Is washing you’re bike fun?

Is cleaning your bike actually fun? There is a group of people who enjoy doing it. You start the day  with a cup of nice coffee and a nice croissant. After this, put all the cleaning stuff ready, and let's get started! Just take it easy, and make sure the motorcycle is back in the warm and dry garage on Sunday afternoon! There are also people who choose to wash there bikes less, but ride more. Just rinse the motorcycle quickly, or just don't wash it at all. There are various possibilities.


Glossy Bike

In general, most bikers take good care of their motorcycle! They want the bike to look good and give the love to their bike that she deserves. But how do you do this? There are endless products for washing cars, but looking for products that have been developed specifically for motorcycles it is quite disappointing. I have used a lot of products in in the past. Products for washing cars, products specifically for washing motorcycles and even the public wax box has been on my list! In fact, most of the products I used for cars worked fine for my motorcycle as well.


Is the use of car products a smart thing to do?

I personally believe that the use of car products is not that bad. However, for certain areas of you’re bike it is very important to pay good attention to what products you use. An average car rim degreaser is very strong. Often when treating your rims, you accidentally spray rim degreaser on the chain of you’re bike. I am convinced that this harmful for the rubbers in your chain.


Extensive testing of specific product for motorcycles

Since 2020 I have been using the products of This product is developed to clean a motorcycle quickly, easily & properly. They offer a few products to treat everything on you’re bike. For the average cleaner, the products that Handigschoonmaken offers are more then fine!


What kind of products?

I started with the Motorcycle cleaner starter kit. The first thing you get in this set is the foamer so that your bike can be put completely in the foam. Of course you fill this foamer with there motorbike cleaner, of which you get 2 bottles.

For the rims and the chain you also get another 500ml rims & chain cleaner in this set, so that you have enough for several cleaning times.

You will also find a viscose sponge and a P.U. cleaning cloth in this set. In other words, everything you need to clean your motorcycle completely! This set also comes with a user manual. This way you know exactly how to use the products.

How to use there products?

Follow the manual of


  • Before you start you should rinse the worst dirt with plenty of water, for example with the garden hose or a watering can. This removes the worst dirt and reduces the risk of scratches.
  • Then fill the supplied ''foamer'' with water & motorcycle cleaner.

Use one litre of water & 100 ml motorcycle cleaner if your bike is ''normal'' dirty.

Use a maximum of one litre of water & a quarter of a litre of motorcycle cleaner if your bike is ''extremely'' dirty.

  • Foam the bike from bottom to top and keep it wet for 1 to maximum 5 minutes and full of foam. You can start immediately with the sponge!
  • Make sure that the spots with lots of dirt or flies are cleaned loose with the supplied sponge.
  • Then rinse the bike thoroughly with plenty of water & dry it with the P.U. cloth for best results!
  • To make your rims and chain clean, we have the rims & chain cleaner! Spray your rims & chain well and keep it wet for a maximum of 5 minutes, then rub the dirt away with a sponge or cloth.


Critical look

When I take a critical look at, I I don't have much to complain about it, I must say. The slogan of is: "All the products to clean your motorcycle within 10 minutes! ". I have never been able to get the motorcycle clean within 10 minutes. Is this because I might be a bit of a perfectionist myself? Or could it be that the 10 minutes is a bit optimistic. It doesn’t really matter! It works great!

I also notice when I wash my bike, sometimes white soapy spots are visible the day after. In my opinion this is dried soap. This is only visible at places where it’s hard to dry off you’re bike. I think if you put in more effort to get your motorcycle dry, you won't have this. A bit sloppy of myself.


Personal experience

I experience the products of as very useful. It will clean your bike well, without having to scrub the hell out of your bike. The cleaner loosens the dirt really well. I am also very pleased with the chain cleaner and rim cleaner. My chain gets clean after using the cleaner in combination with the chain brush. Same story for the rims! Just spray it on the rims, clean it with a sponge and the rim looks like new!

When the motorcycle is clean I use the speed wax. This wax shines great and it protects your paintwork.

I also use the Visor Cleaner from Handigschoonmaken. You can easily remove dirt and flies from your visor. Great!


The products of are very useful for bikers. You can easily wash the bike in front of your door with the products they supply. I think this product is for every kind of people. It does not take a lot of time to clean you’re bike and it works effective! It is also nice that really supplies all the products you need for a proper wash. So you don't have to visit different stores to stock up on cleaning products. I personally think it is great is that the products are specially developed for motorcycles. This way I can be sure that my bike will be treated with the right products!

Below you will find a self-made video so that you can get an impression of the products of