Shark Spartan GT Carbon Review

Published on 21 April 2021 at 17:44

This review is written in the English language.

The Shark Spartan GT Carbon

Well, that's quite a mouthful... I own the Shark Spartan GT Carbon for exactly 1 year now and have ridden about 11,000 kilometers with it. I made fun day trips within the Netherlands, and also bigger trips through Europe. I have experienced different weather influences in those 11,000 kilometers with the helmet, so I think I can write an honest and objective review about it! We will start with some facts about the helmet and end with my personal experience and critical opinion.


Shell of the helmet

The name of the helmet says enough, the shell is made of carbon fiber. The big advantage of carbon is that you need less material to achieve the same strength as glass fiber or polycarbonate. This ensures your helmet is a lot lighter! I wear a size M myself and it weighs 1290 grams. The helmet is available in sizes XS to XXL.

The visor

The visor on this helmet is a Shark VZ300. There is an extra locking system here, which improves safety! It ensures the visor is less likely to come off in the event of an impact. You will notice this while changing the visor: it is a bit of a job to get done.  Well, perhaps the reason for that is i am impatient and I’m not that technical. This combination is not a success.

The visor has a preparation for pinlock! That is a must in my opinion! What makes me happy is that a pinlock is included as standard. So you do not suffer from a fogged visor! I have the dark visor myself. This is an option, so if you want this too, you will have to buy this separately. I think it makes the helmet more complete.

The helmet also has an integrated sun visor. This visor is on the inside of your outer visor. You can choose to slide the sun visor down by using a switch on the side of your helmet. This is especially useful if you are riding with a clear visor on a sunny day.

Inside of the helmet

The inner lining is removable and washable. The cheek pads are of good solid quality. You can easily detach the inner lining. The inner lining is attached with push buttons and Velcro. This saves a lot of time and energy if you just want to wash your linings. The helmet also includes preparation for any communication set. I attached the Midland BTX 2 pro to my helmet, which was very easy to adjust to the helmet. The Shark helmet uses Double D chin closures. You have to get used to it, but after you get used to it you don't want anything else! In fact, on most circuits it is mandatory to use these chin closures!


Dark & ​​Classy

If you ask me, this helmet is a real eye-catcher! If not, I wouldn't have bought it! The helmet shines beautifully! The carbon fiber pops out perfectly. The accents of the helmet are piano black. This made a big impression on me! And not just me, but other bikers too. I often receive questions via my Instagram channel about what kind of helmet I ride with. The black "smoke" visor completes the helmet. It gives a dark look. Dark & ​​Classy would be a good name for the helmet if you ask me.

Road test

Well .. After about 11,000 kilometers you got a good impression of a helmet if you would ask me. I know every inch of this helmet now!

Let's start with the fit. For me, the fit of this helmet is perfect. Of course this is different for everyone. After all, every skull is different. The helmet suits me well. What catches my attention is that the visor opens and closes very smoothly, unlike my previous helmet where the visor gave a shock every few centimeters with every movement up or down. That already feels solid to me! I think the helmet is very comfortable. I have often worn the helmet for several hours in a row. I did not suffer from annoying pressure points on my head or near my ears. Happy about that!

As most people know, I ride a Triumph Street Triple RS. You catch quite a bit of wind on this bike. Yet the wind noise is not too bad for me. I must admit, my comparison is not very broad. I have had 3 helmets before this one. With the previous helmets, the wind noise was clearly a lot louder. In any case, I always ride in with hearing protection. This also ensures that the wind noise is less!

I notice that the helmet cools well on very hot days. When riding, the ventilation holes work very well! You are of course dependent on the riding wind to ensure good air circulation. This does not disappoint me at all. In cold weather, I really notice that the helmet is wind-tight. You have no small spaces which unwanted cold wind comes through. At the bottom of your helmet, the cheek pads are a bit wider, so that little or no air enters the helmet through your neck. This is great on cold days!

I have worn the helmet a few times in heavy rain showers. I noticed the helmet drains the water well. I have never had a problem with water on the inside of the helmet.

The preparation for the communication system also works well. Space has already been made available for the speakers at the ears. The microphone and other cables can easily be hidden behind the cheek and head inner linings. You will not feel any of this little cables after installation. While riding you also do not suffer from turbulence because the communication mounted on the side of the helmet.

Shark claims itself the helmet is a good option for people who wear glasses because of the Shark easy fit system. This should ensure that the helmet remains comfortable for motorcyclists who wear glasses while riding.

Critical look

When I look at this helmet with a critical look, I especially notice the weight. If I put the helmet on a few scales, I get an average of 1423 grams. That is 133 grams more than what Shark itself states. This is without installation of a communication set and included with the dark smoke Shark visor. When you wear the helmet, it feels super comfortable. You can move your head flexibly and you notice the helmet feels very light.



In my opinion, this helmet is worth your money! The helmet has a suggested retail price of 499 euros in the Netherlands. However, if you look around on the internet you can buy the helmet for less. When I look on the internet I see that a few bike stores offer the helmet for less money. Worth searching for a good price!

The helmet is made of high-quality materials and looks very luxurious. As I mentioned earlier, Dark & ​​Classy. In terms of looks and specifications, this helmet will be most suitable for naked and supersport motorcyclists. The helmet is very comfortable, even at high speeds! No stiff neck due to wind because the helmet is aerodynamic. That is nice if you ride a bike where you catch a lot of wind. Of course you can expect it for a helmet in this price range, but also a big plus is the visor is pinlock prepared and a pinlock is supplied with it! It is also a dream for me to hit the circuit with this helmet ! The double D closure is essential for this. I am glad that the helmet already has this!

As you can probably tell from the review, I am very happy with the Shark Spartan GT Carbon! I don't need another helmet for now. The looks suit my bike well and the comfort really makes me stick to the helmet!

Foto's : Own pictures &                                                                                                                                                Translation by Ton Heeren.

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