Pegase moto tracker

Published on 11 November 2021 at 18:20

Pegase tracker

The Pegase tracker is designed and made in France. It is the only ECE R10 certified tracker (the highest existing standard) and guarantees a high quality product. Safe for you and your motorcycle and what is very nice: it is a GPS tracker without a subscription.


How does it work?

Do you know the feeling? You park your motorcycle in an unknown place, lock it properly, but you still ask yourself: would my motorcycle still be there ? If you have mounted the Pegase tracker, you won't have this feeling anymore. You will receive a text message, an email and a notification in the app if there is a suspicious movement on your motorcycle and you can see where your motorcycle is live in the app. You can also view your ridden routes (routes, speed, gradient ...) and easily share them with your friends or on Social Media.


How is the Pegase tracker delivered?

You receive the Pegase tracker and accessories in a black classic box. It is important  to know what kind of battery is mounted in your motorcycle. You can choose between two versions: lead or lithium battery. The box contains the GPS tracker, a connection cable, 2 Velcro fasteners and 2 Pegase Stickers.



Mounting the Pegase tracker

Mounting the Pegase tracker is really a piece of cake. The mounting is easy to do even for people who are not technical at all. I took my time and was ready within 15 minutes. I put together a small Instagram reel so you can get an idea of ​​how I mounted the tracker to my bike.

Does it work properly?

Well, how does the Pegase tracker work in my experience? I am super excited about this tracker myself. Why? Well because the tracker just works really good when I used it. The included app for the Pegase tracker works very well, it starts up fast, and all information is quickly loaded and visible. This is of course nice if a suspicious movement is detected by the tracker. The app is very easy to use and easy to pair with your tracker. They did a good job with the app!

If the Pegase tracker feels an unexpected movement, it will report this immediately via the app. For example, if I remove my rear duo seat (which makes almost no movement), the Pegase tracker immediately catches this and you will literally receive a notification on your phone within 1 second. Very sensitively adjusted, but always precise. I have never once received an incorrect message. Of course, this does not mean that the app is constantly sent notifications when you go for a ride. You can set the alarm on and off in the app. When you start riding, you switch off the alarm via the app, when you park the motorcycle you switch it on again via the app. By the way, it is only an alarm in your app, not a sound alarm.

Another nice option is to see the routes you rode in the app. You can easily review your journeys via the app, where a lot of information is visible, such as your lean angle, average speed, top speed, start and end time and total time and kilometers ridden. This is of course very nice if you have ridden a cool route that you want to share with others or would like to check out yourself.


The Pegase tracker is very user-friendly and works properly. You really notice that this is a premium product and that no savings have been made on this at all. When you buy the Pegase tracker, you also receive a 2-year warranty and a good help desk if you can't figure out something. The Pegase is easy to install and the app works better than I expected. The Pegase tracker is a bit steeply priced: it costs 299 euros. But the Pegase tracker is subscription-free and what is also very nice is that you can transfer the Pegase tracker to another bike, so it is also durable! What I found very interesting is  there are many examples of other bikers online where the Pegase tracker has actually found stolen motorcycles. This ensures  I have a lot of confidence in this product.


CLICK HERE to check the mounting video. 


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